What if we exist in the imagination of an unborn baby? What if life is an illusion? What if the actual world is nothing but a gateway to another perfect world? it doesn’t matter anyway. Once the age of human extinction comes, we will all be sucked into an endless vacuum. it’ll blow away our thoughts and scatter the rotten bodies all over the globe. They will, eventually, decay. Worms will feed off of our hollow corpses. Man will once again embrace Nature. Creatures will find their peace, and rest at ease. The world will get greener than before. Life cycle will change for the better. The suffocating Earth will finally breathe away the poisonous smell of the decaying corpses. The air will uplift the smell to the glowing Nebula, and mingle it within the gases of the sublime universe. Nature is capable of turning man from a solid-concrete entity into a fading abstract concept. It could happen in the blink of an eye. Yet, Nature doesn’t work that way. It gives a slow, but a merciful death. Alas, it is a process Man is unaware of. Thus, the reunion of Man and Nature is inevitable. Perhaps one day you will be part of another life’s inception.