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August 2016

Morning Breeze

The cold breeze of the morning, Swept through my room brawling. Ran into my body, heart, and soul Until I screamed a shivering moan. Strands of hair stood still, As they watched me go pale. Then, I had my memories... Continue Reading →


Note to You

Written at dawn, this piece of poetry reflects an ambiguous state of emotions.


I've been having troubles recently concerning writing in general. I suppose I had writer's block, and I could think of no way to beat it rather than write garbage. In fact, this poem is a product of the likely-garbage I used as a means of defense against writer's block. I wrote it in one sitting; that means no editing at all. It's all brainstormed at once. Enjoy reading and don't forget to leave your feedback, critiques or any of the sort. Thanks!

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