A heap of puzzled feelings

Under a white-spotted sky.

The burdens I carry

Disappear into the night.


But there her figure recurred in the dark.

An image instilled in a galactic star

That vanished at the first sight.

Blackness plagued it like a blight.


Lying still, my head was up,

Exploring the enigmatic sight.

A shiver sent down my spine,

My heart raced like a horse in a wild stampede.


Witnessing the dance of the cosmos,

I stood on my knees,

Eyes opened,

Arms crossed.


Dusk enthralled my senses.

I heard the stars;

They intoned, as they collided,

A lulling hymn.


Dawn’s unbridled breeze,

Cold as it is,

Strolled across my skin,

Cushioning my limbs.


Then a beautiful aroma surrounded my nostrils;

It was her scent.

Whilst I twinged of her memories,

An unforeseen fervour debarred my senses.


I wallowed in dismay.

O’ wicked,

I turned lugubrious,

As tears and blood were my company


On a forlorn night.

My vigil was unrelenting,

Stiff like a pillar

That heaved the world.


But who was she to begin with?

I asked myself, repeatedly.

To this day,

The answer rests in dismay.


The rays of light penetrated

The implacable vile of night.

Though serene,

It succumbed to the torrents of light.


The sky became iridescent,

Embroidered by the intertwined weavings of day and night.

Then her image recurred

To remind me that she is omnipresent.


A bright light burst out of the sphere,

Then landed on the ground;

Looming from far away,

I could not picture what was there.


As it approached me,

In the blink of an eye,

A winged seraph, white as a dove,

Hatched from a prodigious egg.


I beheld the epitome of beauty,

As she stretched out

The impenetrable avalanche of feathers.

Flawlessness was one of her features.


Her large watery eyes accentuated the contours of the universe.

She was an august star on a blacked out night.

Day’s light filled most of the dark realm,

Like water pouring down on an empty gourd vessel.


I reckoned we could not touch,

But I always endeavoured for this moment.

Alas, she was a diurnal angel,

But I was a nocturnal animal.


The sun peered from the horizon.

I turned into a silhouette.

There she stood,

Unravelling the livid threads of the universe.


My thoughts were wreaked-havoc.

I eventually yielded

When the sun centred the idyllic sky.

I drifted in an abyss of turmoil.