Recently, there has been talks concerning Donald Trump’s ban on refugees. Many a platform stated the ban should concern the holders of the Green Card, too.

Trump’s ban includes 7 countries, namely, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

Donald Trump’s strategy to withhold power is mere demagoguery, and he knew exactly the sort of prejudices and stereotypes uneducated people would blindly believe in (e.g. all Muslims are terrorists, Mexicans are gangsters, etc.)

Most of the conservatives are orthodox believers that are willing not to open up to other cultures. Thus, the other, according to them, is always a threat, when they actually are the real threat.

Trump did spot the Achilles’ heel of the conservatives–or perhaps the conservatives were fed up by the so-tolerant views of the liberals–and he had to say what a many conservative would like to hear; that is, protecting them from potential threats that lie beyond the borders of the U.S.

Trump reflects the fears, hatred, radicalism, sexism, misogyny, that has been hidden for years in almost every conservative; hence the eruption of these feelings at the status quo.

He, in fact, stands for the typical image of how an American thinks; or better yet, he is thought to be the messiah who will render America great again, as his motto suggests.

Likewise, Trump is a business-minded, pragmatic leader, whose main concern is to leverage the proletariat and small entrepreneurship–and has nothing to do with diplomacy for that matter.

It is exactly those who massacred the Native Americans, that are today supporting the deportation of the refugees.

America was never great; its policies have thrown many a country down the bottom of the pit.

America’s greatness is incarnated in its citizens, who are, de facto, refugees that believe in liberal views, the significant difference of the other, regardless of their backgrounds.

For years, we have learnt that the U.S.A is the realm of multiculturalism only to see today that fact being shredded to pieces by the president-elect, Donald Trump. Thus, liberal values, including multiculturalism, is at stake.

Personally, I wouldn’t blame Trump as much as I would put all the blame on the conservative side of America. Trump’s demagoguery, along with religion, has provided the conservatives with a safe haven, walling them off reality.