I walked in hopes of seeing you again
And not until today did I feel
The burden of your existence,
A heavy weight
That once was light.
My guts intertwined,
Shut off. And a pale
Color ascended my skin.
Her bearings and demeanor
Assaulted my serene soul.

Your eyelashes ignited fires
That I couldn’t stop.
They burnt me down
No ashes were to be found.
I thought I’d rise from the dead,
But I fainted
When your eyes came across
Heart summoned memories of
The past.

I feel insecure in your presence,
Lips quiver, mind passes out,
Thoughts scatter
Only my eyes dare
To gaze at you; they weigh
The distress
Your aura caused, not believing
The misery you put me through.

Should I pull myself together
And walk towards you,
As unsure as an arrow
Loosen from unsteady grip,
Or should I bear your torment
And keep looking at you?

The agitation is telling me not
To bother,
Sit down and watch,
You’re a stalker.
Aplomb I sat and pondered…
It is not worth it.
I’m antiquated that
She shouldn’t be
I’m apt to aloofness.

She finally got up and
Walked her path,
Leaving a frenzy carnage inside me.
Woman, why won’t you wave a sign
And not leave me ablaze?
A last look from the corner of your eye
Only adds fuel to the vehement flames.

I know it’s only infatuation
But we should probably put an end
To my passionate imagination.