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October 2017

To a Silhouette

Dear silhouette, I write to you today to tell you that I have once again soaked my feet in love, and then the rest of my body followed; that makes the whole of me trapped in love. Is it not... Continue Reading →


Summertime Melancholy

        Summer is that time of the year when people brag about where they’ve been to, what they did, how they lived through it—and other things that never made sense to me. Well, they’re nonsensical for the... Continue Reading →

Food Practices In Relation To Cultural Identity

Food represents a nutrition for both humans and animals. What distinguishes humans, however, from animals is that they ritualize food, extending it beyond the biological need; hence the code of etiquette that governs the appropriateness of eating. Having said that,... Continue Reading →

Review of ‘Small Brothers are Watching You: Reflections on a Moroccan Digital Spring’

                Who’d have thought that the Internet was—and is still—capable of changing the world and its Geopolitics? The cradle of new digital revolutions has had its inception by the beginning of the 90s, officially launched by the British Computer Scientist,... Continue Reading →

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