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To a Silhouette

Dear silhouette, I write to you today to tell you that I have once again soaked my feet in love, and then the rest of my body followed; that makes the whole of me trapped in love. Is it not... Continue Reading →


Summertime Melancholy

        Summer is that time of the year when people brag about where they’ve been to, what they did, how they lived through it—and other things that never made sense to me. Well, they’re nonsensical for the... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

A speculation on the mind-boggling inability to write.

No time for a title.

Sometimes, either there is nothing to be said, or there is a lot going on in your head that you cannot articulate the very mess you feel. Either way, you become helpless before this language barrier. It is a deadlock.... Continue Reading →

The Train of Hopes

When I was a child, I used to sit on the pavement every day at 5 PM in the neighbourhood to mull over one of the compelling sights. Filled with ecstasy, I stretched my sight until it reached the horizon.... Continue Reading →

These 15 Psychological Hacks Will Effectively Help You Become More “Sociable”

“Like all science, Psychology is knowledge; and like Science again, it is knowledge of a definite thing, the mind.” — James Mark Baldwin.     The brain is capable of doing astonishing things; it made Man land on the moon,... Continue Reading →

An Odyssey

There are two certainties in life which I believe in: that I doubt—and to that, I shall ever be thankful—and that death is the absolute end. And, dear, do you know how hard is it for me to endure your... Continue Reading →

A thingamajig

"...Now, how shall pour out my wrath? I choose words. And, indeed, words do carry meanings that only those who suffered and still suffer can decode. This suffering is different; I guess we’ve all been there. Words trigger a one of a kind catharsis, and I’m about to release mine, albeit it’s utter bullshit."

Man vis-à-vis Nature.

     What if we exist in the imagination of an unborn baby? What if life is an illusion? What if the actual world is nothing but a gateway to another perfect world? it doesn't matter anyway. Once the age... Continue Reading →

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