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Grab a cup of coffee, plug in your earphones, sit back and relax, and enjoy my modest writings.







O' beloved, My fires are eating me down, a slow death is more favourable than your absence. O' beloved, How can I endure a life without your presence? O' beloved, Is this how love feels like? O' beloved, I beseech... Continue Reading →

Thou Shalt Look For Yourself

The maxim “think for yourself” is, I suppose, quite shallow and devoid of meaning. Rather, I find it a tad challenging that one can think for themselves, for there are extrinsic factors that determine, shape, and create one’s understanding, perception,... Continue Reading →

The Shepherd

She's the shepherd of my dreams; A sorcerer of words that enchanted Me with her spells.


I immersed my finger in vanity, and killed my humility. My ego brought us calamity.

The Train of Hopes

When I was a child, I used to sit on the pavement every day at 5 PM in the neighbourhood to mull over one of the compelling sights. Filled with ecstasy, I stretched my sight until it reached the horizon.... Continue Reading →

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