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November 2016

An Odyssey

There are two certainties in life which I believe in: that I doubt—and to that, I shall ever be thankful—and that death is the absolute end. And, dear, do you know how hard is it for me to endure your... Continue Reading →


The Cult of the Gods

Sunday vibes. Have a good read!

The Soulless Body

The Soulless Body: A poem that has been written under special circumstances. Have a good read!

A thingamajig

"...Now, how shall pour out my wrath? I choose words. And, indeed, words do carry meanings that only those who suffered and still suffer can decode. This suffering is different; I guess we’ve all been there. Words trigger a one of a kind catharsis, and I’m about to release mine, albeit it’s utter bullshit."

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